An incredible flexible strength system, designed to meet your needs

PWR PLAY is the solution that adds value while improving a facility’s footprint. It delivers an incredibly flexible system that can be tailored specifically to any facility’s needs. It is completely scalable and bridges user types. PWR PLAY combines traditional cable-based training options with functional and bodyweight-based configured stations and storage solutions that enable facilities to create versatile, customized solutions for multiple environments and exercisers.


A range of basic units that help fill out your strength area.

Add variety to your selectorized, plate-loaded and free weight area with essential traditional stations such as the lat pull, low row and triceps pushdown. You can mix and match until you find the perfect combination for your exercisers and facility.


Traditional pieces reimagined for a higher level of functionality

Adjustable pulleys, dual handles and cable crossover stations allow users to progress their training with more advanced tools.


Add functional training options

Offer your members the latest bodyweight and functional training tool for a high-energy workout.

Storage & Connectors

Connectors to build and storage to organize

Storage add-ons provide space to keep accessories including medicine balls, slam balls and kettlebells organized in a safe place.

Traditional Stations


Low Row

Lat Pull

Triceps Pushdown

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PWR Stations

Embedded Cable Crossover

Dual Pulley High

Dual Handle Low Row

Dip/Chin Assist

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Play Stations

Boxing W/ Suspension Training

Power Pivot

Rope Pull


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Storage Stations

Crossover Boom Connector

Handle Accessory Rack

Storage Connector

Storage Station

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